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Currently over 44 million Americans are burdened with overwhelming amounts of student loan debt. Unfortunately, there is much confusion on where to go and what to do when you find yourself in a situation that seems so out of control.

Here at Student Loan Elimination, we are here to support you through this process in finding a solution for overcoming your student loan problem.

A common question we get from our clients is: “Is this something I can do myself?” The answer is Yes!

Just like doing your own taxes and repairing your own credit… this is a process you can do yourself however, many of our clients who have made this attempt to do so have been overwhelmed by the confusion & time it takes to go through this process only to find that they weren’t always given the best advise or guidance. We want you to know that we have an alternative to this arduous process.

Our 6 step process eliminates the time you would spend dealing with this frustrating experience.

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Student Loans Crisis

Since 1980 the cost of college tuition has tripled while the average income has remained basically the same. As a result families have struggled to send their kids to college at a time when a college education has become more critical than ever to even just being able to survive in the job market. The result has been an explosion in student loan debt.

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The staff here is just amazing.  I am so happy I contacted them to review my options so I could make informed decisions.  My student loan debt is being handled by real professionals!

Peter M.

Thanks to, my student loans are no longer weighing down on me and preventing me from moving forward in my life.  I am so glad I reached out to get the process started, and the staff made it super easy.  I would highly recommend to anyone seeking help with their student loan debt.

Samantha L.